Long Did I Long

I’m a day late for a Valentine’s Day post, but I have a great excuse! Last Wednesday my sweet wife heroically gave birth to our fourth child, first little girl. When I reflect on our years together and on the gift of marriage I am almost speechless.

Poetry is pitiful compared to the real thing, but I must try to communicate the shaza-ay-am-kind-of-feeling I have when I think of how I prayed and yearned for a help-meet suitable before I met the gift. How grateful I am that she walked out of that hospital hale and healthy with a perfect little baby girl.

Words fail, but they strain against the burden. Praise God for all this mercy.

Long Did I Long

Long did I long
To know you my love.
From youth did I seek thee,
Best gift from above.

And now that I have you,
And know you so fair,
A happier man can’t be found.


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5 responses to “Long Did I Long

  1. Ryan Hanley

    Dr. Hamilton, congratulations on your little girl. I’m commenting because my wife gave birth to our fourth child two weeks ago, also our first little girl! I love my sons dearly, but I am delighted to have a daughter. It’s different, though difficult to explain how. I too attempted poetry for my wife yesterday, though I think yours was better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Melissa Fitzpatrick

    Congratulations, Dr. Hamilton. What wonderful news. Sounds like both of your girls melt your heart!

  3. annawood

    Simply beautiful. What a blessed wife you have. How blessed are your children. Stay strong in Christ.

    Anna~a mother of 9

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