I’m Moving, Please Go With Me!

This blog is moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

For His Renown is for that–God’s glory, and it’s also for you, dear reader. So please forgive me for this hassle, and please do go with me:

1. If you subscribe to this blog through an RSS reader (Google Reader, etc), please do resubscribe with the new domain. You can do so with this link. If the link gives you trouble, maybe try it tomorrow, or perhaps mosey over to http://www.jimhamilton.info or http://www.jamesmhamilton.org and do the RSS drill on the new site.

2. If you are subscribed to my website through WordPress.com, perhaps receiving new posts via email, please do re-subscribe by going to the new site and entering your email on the right side of the page under “Subscribe Via Email.”

I am grateful to Greg Dietrich’s diligent, generous, industrious, knowledgeable labors that made this happen, and I’m grateful to interact with you through this blog. Praise God for Greg, and we’ll continue this conversation over at http://www.jimhamilton.info.

God bless you for the kindness you’re showing me by making this change.

(If it doesn’t work tonight [Wed, March 9], it may be because the servers take some time to update. Perhaps you’ll be so kind as to check back tomorrow. Again, my apologies).



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3 responses to “I’m Moving, Please Go With Me!

  1. Dustin

    It’s not working

  2. Dr. Hamilton,

    I’d like to follow you over! Know I tried the link but it failed. FYI

    Grace. I appreciate your ministry…

    With that, I am…

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