New Address for This Blog

Thank you for bearing with these difficulties!

I think that this will be the last post here at The switch to seems to have taken place, and the lights are now on over at

If you’re subscribed to For His Renown, to keep getting posts on this blog, please click this link (

If you subscribe to the blog via email, you can head over to, enter your email address in the little slot on the right hand part of the page, and hit subscribe. I won’t be mad if you sign your family friends up, too.

If you’re kind enough to have me in your blogroll, I would be most grateful if you would update the address to

If you value this blog, would you help me get the word out on the new address? Anything you find easy to do would be appreciated, whether that’s a blog post or a tweet or a Facebook like on the new site. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your patience with this transition, and thanks for reading!

As always, may everything said on this blog be For His Renown.


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