Technical Difficulties, Please Stay Tuned

Well, the various servers involved are saying that it could take a while for the switches that have been flipped to turn on the lights over at the new site, so please bear with me. If you already tried to go subscribe at the new place, I’m sorry that there was nothing there to cooperate with you. I’ll put up another post when the lights come on–I put up the one last night because we thought it was the last thing we needed to do before we flipped the switches; then we flipped the switches and nothing happened.

So please forgive me for the delays, and please keep an eye peeled for a post that says the new feed works.

In the mean time, I think this is one of the most encouraging videos I’ve ever watched. My friend Chip Stam is suffering in the hospital, and some dear Christian gospel singers came by to encourage him. Sometimes the blessings of God go beyond the power of words to describe:


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  1. Jordan


    Mark Driscol interpreted: Bending down drawing emo picks in the sand he looks up and says “The 11th and most important commandment is 1 Tim 2:12”

    (too bad this in noapartrt of the bible law but books on how specific churches were run at specific times in the Christianan tradition).

    At this post (

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