Crazy Love for Radicals?

Some think we should sell everything and give it all away, or that we should be constantly rearranging the furniture of our lives. It’s almost as though they think not having an experience like Abram’s–where God calls you to leave everything and go to the land he will show you–is a lack of integrity or disobedience.

That’s not what Paul called for when he gave instructions for ordinary Christians pursuing radical Christ-likeness in displays of crazy love.

How did Paul expect Christians to be revolutionary?

I sought to exposit what he says in the second chapter of Titus this past Sunday at Kenwood: Titus 2:1-15 – Behavior that Commends the Gospel


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6 responses to “Crazy Love for Radicals?

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  3. Very good and timely truth. I love the new layout – much more compelling!

  4. Kyle Newcomer


    Thanks for this message. You helpfully clarified some things my wife and I have been discussing.

  5. This is a message for new and “old” Christians excellent

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