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New Address for This Blog

Thank you for bearing with these difficulties!

I think that this will be the last post here at The switch to seems to have taken place, and the lights are now on over at

If you’re subscribed to For His Renown, to keep getting posts on this blog, please click this link (

If you subscribe to the blog via email, you can head over to, enter your email address in the little slot on the right hand part of the page, and hit subscribe. I won’t be mad if you sign your family friends up, too.

If you’re kind enough to have me in your blogroll, I would be most grateful if you would update the address to

If you value this blog, would you help me get the word out on the new address? Anything you find easy to do would be appreciated, whether that’s a blog post or a tweet or a Facebook like on the new site. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your patience with this transition, and thanks for reading!

As always, may everything said on this blog be For His Renown.


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Technical Difficulties, Please Stay Tuned

Well, the various servers involved are saying that it could take a while for the switches that have been flipped to turn on the lights over at the new site, so please bear with me. If you already tried to go subscribe at the new place, I’m sorry that there was nothing there to cooperate with you. I’ll put up another post when the lights come on–I put up the one last night because we thought it was the last thing we needed to do before we flipped the switches; then we flipped the switches and nothing happened.

So please forgive me for the delays, and please keep an eye peeled for a post that says the new feed works.

In the mean time, I think this is one of the most encouraging videos I’ve ever watched. My friend Chip Stam is suffering in the hospital, and some dear Christian gospel singers came by to encourage him. Sometimes the blessings of God go beyond the power of words to describe:

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I’m Moving, Please Go With Me!

This blog is moving from to

For His Renown is for that–God’s glory, and it’s also for you, dear reader. So please forgive me for this hassle, and please do go with me:

1. If you subscribe to this blog through an RSS reader (Google Reader, etc), please do resubscribe with the new domain. You can do so with this link. If the link gives you trouble, maybe try it tomorrow, or perhaps mosey over to or and do the RSS drill on the new site.

2. If you are subscribed to my website through, perhaps receiving new posts via email, please do re-subscribe by going to the new site and entering your email on the right side of the page under “Subscribe Via Email.”

I am grateful to Greg Dietrich’s diligent, generous, industrious, knowledgeable labors that made this happen, and I’m grateful to interact with you through this blog. Praise God for Greg, and we’ll continue this conversation over at

God bless you for the kindness you’re showing me by making this change.

(If it doesn’t work tonight [Wed, March 9], it may be because the servers take some time to update. Perhaps you’ll be so kind as to check back tomorrow. Again, my apologies).


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Congrats to Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth on Their Book on Pujols

Congratulations Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth on their new book on Albert Pujols, Pujols: More Than the Game.

I am very confident in the success of this book for two reasons: first, I was in Wal Mart with my boys over the weekend, and we browsed through their book selection. Lamb and Ellsworth’s book Pujols is there! If it’s in Wal Mart, it’s everywhere. I expect to see it in Borders and Barnes and Noble and whatever those bookstores in the airport are called. How do I get my book on the shelves in Wal Mart? The other thing that guarantees its success is the positive review it got from Challies. Case closed. Widely available and strongly recommended.

Congratulations guys!

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Gay Rights Prevent Christians from Being Foster Parents in the UK

Faithful Christian grandparents who have fostered 15 children already have “were told by a court yesterday that gay rights ‘should take precedence’ over their religious beliefs.”

And the video below shows an interesting discussion on the issue. The first speaker tries to link opposition to homosexuality and racism, and then a man who claims to be a gay atheist warns that the state could introduce a new version of morality that could turn out to be oppressive and tyrannical:

HT: Dan Phillips


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They’re Giving It Away

Exhausted your book budget? Promised not to buy anymore books for a while? has a deal for you: this month they’re giving away R. C. Sproul’s The Holiness of God for free.

Why not redeem that time in the car on the commute? Or on the lawnmower, or whatever. The price is right. Enjoy.



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