2 responses to “History of Ideas Curriculum at the College at Southwestern

  1. kyle

    Great curriculum! I’m happy to see Balthasar on the Reformation list. In my view, he’s one of the most unduly overlooked theologians in Christian history. (I just wrote a paper about him for my CH2 course, regarding how his personal/ministerial relationship with Zwingli influenced his willingness recant in 1526.)

  2. Quincy

    @Kyle…after reading Hubmaier in the program and doing a paper on him, I totally agree with you.

    Dr. Hamilton, the College is all that and more…I just graduated in May from it and it is worth all the tea in China! It has broadened and deepened me in a way I didn’t imagine it would. And I’m eternally grateful.

    I pray you and your family are well in Louisville brother.

    Blessings, this Thanksgiving!

    – Q

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