Do You Love God’s Glory?

If you love God’s glory, you’ll be thrilled to see this new book: Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson, ed., The Glory of God (Wheaton: Crossway, 2010).

Here’s the Table of Contents from Crossway’s site:

Contributors 17
Introduction 19
1. The Glory of God Present and Past
Stephen J. Nichols
2. The Glory of God in the Old Testament
Tremper Longman III
3. The Glory of God in the Synoptic Gospels, Acts, and the General Epistles
Richard R. Melick Jr.
4. The Glory of God in John’s Gospel and Revelation
Andreas J. Köstenberger
5. The Glory of God in Paul’s Epistles
Richard B. Gaffin Jr.
6. Toward a Theology of the Glory of God
Christopher W. Morgan
7. A Pastoral Theology of the Glory of God
Bryan Chapell
8. A Missional Theology of the Glory of God
J. Nelson Jennings

Of course, I don’t think this should be the only book on God’s glory you buy this year (ahem), but the glory of God is a topic that cannot be exhausted. May we celebrate God and relish the glory of his great name all our days, and may this book help us do so.


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One response to “Do You Love God’s Glory?

  1. Theologian


    I seek to be enabled by the Holy Spirit to love God’s glory and I must say that as a businessman who has multiple responsibilities I am not “thrilled” to see the publication of this book. Am I glad it exists? Sure. Am I thankful for the scholarship that went into it’s making? Of course. Am I thrilled by it’s publication? No I am not. Does this mean I do not love God’s glory? I do not think so. Those of us in the reformed community who have a passion for God’s glory would be well served to refrain from the use of these type of hyperbolic expressions.

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