Prof Hendricks: Finishing Well

Here’s an inspiring video tribute from DTS on Prof. Howard Hendricks’ 60 years of service:

May the Lord give us grace to follow his footsteps in a lifetime of faithfulness.



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3 responses to “Prof Hendricks: Finishing Well

  1. 60+ years! Few men run well to the end. May the Lord help us.

  2. Jim, thanks for adding this video to your site. You can find the officially supported embed code here:

    • John,

      Thanks for your note. I’m not that techno-savvy . . . I tried to use the embed code that was on the site, but couldn’t seem to make it work on WordPress. They had specific instructions for a variety of services, so I put the video on vodpod, one of the services I found, and put it on wordpress.

      Do you know if the code you provide can be uploaded on sites?

      Thanks for your ministry!


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