2 responses to “Mohler on the Age of the Earth

  1. Ian

    Thank you for the link to Tim Challies’ blog. I found the reading to be very interesting. It may not be something I hold to, personally, but I admire the calm, scholarly approach.

    For what it’s worth, I believe that the beginning of Genesis is symbolic. I’m much more inclined to have the symbolism fit science, than have science fit a literal interpretation of scripture. Still, wrestling with this dichotomy at least keeps us on the path, no matter how we all may differ.

    Hope you’re enjoying a peaceful day.

  2. RD

    As Ian said, thanks, Jim, for the link to this review. I also agree with Ian’s assessment of the Genesis narrative. Careful reading of the first four chapters of Genesis make acceptance of a literal account difficult. There’s not enough space here to go into all of the details that crop up that conflict with the notion of a literal interpretation. I think Waltke’s comments about evangelical literalists being reduced to cult status is a bit extreme, but I do think he is sounding an alarm that needs to be seriously considered.

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