Still Sola Scriptura, My Essay from The Sacred Text

Thanks to Gorgias Press and to the editors of The Sacred Text, the Michaels Bird and Pahl, for permission to post my essay from the volume here:

Still Sola Scriptura: An Evangelical View of Scripture,” pages 215–40 in The Sacred Text: Excavating the Texts, Exploring the Interpretations, and Engaging the Theologies of the Christian Scriptures, ed. Michael Bird and Michael Pahl. Gorgias Précis Portfolios 7. Piscataway: Gorgias, 2010.

You can also get to the essay by clicking the cover of the book on the right hand side of the blog, or by going to the “Articles & Essays” page of this site.

As Jesus said, the word of God is truth, and may God sanctify us in that truth (John 17:17).


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3 responses to “Still Sola Scriptura, My Essay from The Sacred Text

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  2. I am very thankful for this article, this collection, and the continuing scholarship representing the importance of actually believing God’s word. Thank you.

  3. I recently wrote an article on this very subject, highlighting many things you seem to have taken for granted when forming conclusions on the Canon and such:

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