New Look

This is an invitation to those of you kind enough to have this blog on a reader of some sort to click through to the blog page and check out the new look.

We’ll leave the light on for you, please do stop by and see the re-model.



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8 responses to “New Look

  1. Great header! What is the title of that piece and who is the artist? Looking forward to the book!

    • Thanks!

      The artist is Francis Danby, and the piece is called “The Deliverance of Israel, Pharaoh and His Hosts Overwhelmed in the Red Sea,” 1825.



  2. Jim,
    I love the new look! Hope to see more posts soon.
    It was great to talk with you again at T4G. I am one of Cameron Slater’s friends in Siloam Springs.

  3. Todd Richardson

    I like it bro!

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  5. We like it over here, Jim!

  6. Attractive layout… Thank you…

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