Köstenberger’s new Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters

Congratulations to Andreas Köstenberger on the publication of his massive A Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters. This is the first volume in what looks like an exciting new series from Zondervan, and this one is comprehensive.

This book has been long in coming, and it is well worth the wait. The volume eclipses everything else available on the topic of Johannine theology. I sometimes hear complaints that evangelical scholars do not lead the way but lag behind. The next time I hear someone say that, I’m going to point to this volume as a prominent example of an evangelical taking the lead in the discussion.

This book is the new starting place for the study of Johannine theology, and in my opinion everyone building a library of books that deal with the Bible should make sure this one finds an easy to access place on the shelf.

You might even win a free copy from Köstenberger’s website.


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One response to “Köstenberger’s new Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters

  1. stephennhays

    We now need a comparable monograph on the theology of Hebrews. Thus far we’ve just got appetizers, via. Lincoln’s booklet and the anthology edited by Bauckham.

    It would also be nice to have a monograph on Lukan theology from someone like Bock.

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