2 Samuel 11-12, The Wife of Uriah

It was my privilege to preach at Southern Seminary’s chapel this morning, and you can download the audio or watch it here.




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6 responses to “2 Samuel 11-12, The Wife of Uriah

  1. Thanks for such a passionate and insightful sermon on that story. I appreciated your comments on certain Hebrew points in the narrative, as well as the poignant applications and exhortations. As a husband, father, and pastor, it was good for my mind and soul to hear such a clear message on fleeing sexual sin and fighting for purity.

  2. Encouraging, brother. Thank you.

  3. Jeremy Hatfield

    Thank you for a wonderful exposition and pointed applications of the text. As a husband, father and pastor, I was both challenged and fed. Grace and peace to you.

  4. Kyle

    Great message. I think the most challenging and helpful part of the message is your suggestion that David lost the battle when he decided to get up from his couch. Thanks for calling us to holiness for God’s glory.



  5. Matt Williamson

    Thanks, Jim. Am teaching through 2 Samuel in Sunday school right now, and am a week away from chapter 11. Appreciated your expositon and exhortation.

  6. Billy Newhouse

    It was great being under some of your preaching again! Great word and it’s always encouraging to read your blog and listen to you preach. I’m looking forward to seeing you some next week and I hope you and Travis knock out a bunch of work. Tell your whole family hello!

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