3 responses to “Review of Encounters with Biblical Theology by John J. Collins

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  3. Beechbum

    Hahaha! Whoever wrote this… this… this blog is at best blinded by their bias. The good news is I only wasted a couple of minutes. First, it is false equivalence to suggest that acceptance of evidence is somehow similar to faith which is denial in the face of evidence. If religion were based on evidence, one wouldn’t need faith –now would they.

    What John J. Collins was suggesting in the statement you quote is that if one shelves preconceived notions, early inculcations, and random imaginings thereby eliminating, or at least limiting, evidentiarily unsupported beliefs from an open-minded interpretation of the evidence as supported by facts.

    And one more point. It is the evidence that supports the notion that the physical parameters have been the same throughout time. For instance, there is no evidence that architectural practices used supernatural components, that war strategies or weaponry relied on magical powers for success, or that claims of supernatural involvement were ever considered anything but mythology. So, no it is not an a priori assumption to conclude that nature is the same now as then.

    The facts of the matter are that Judaism evolved from polytheistic beliefs similar to other world religions. That “El Shaddai” or “God of the mountains” and “El Elyon” “God Most High” are merely the evolution of regional mythology, from which “Yahweh Sabaoth” the God of War or Armies as one of many in the Hebrew pantheon, was appealed to in times of trouble. By extension, “Christ Jesus” eg. “Anointed Savior” is just as mythological as Hercules and merely one of more than seventy sons of one or another deity designates of Hebrew mythology.

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