Two Months of Sundays at Kenwood Baptist Church

In God’s mercy and kindness I have been called as the (bi-vocational) preaching pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church here in Louisville. As noted earlier, I’m thinking a lot about the book of Revelation these days, which influences the selection of the sermon series I’ll begin, Lord willing, on Sunday. Below is what can be expected for the next couple of months, and I am so grateful that Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner will preach an installation service at Kenwood on April 19.

May the Lord strengthen his people and summon the lost:

Revelation: Blessed Are Those Who Hear and Keep

April 5 Revelation 1:1–8 The Blessing of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

April 12 Revelation 1:9–20 Jesus Christ Risen and Glorious

April 19 Tom Schreiner Preaching, Installation Service for Jim Hamilton

April 26 Revelation 2:1–7 First Love

May 3 Revelation 2:8–11 Faithful unto Death

May 10 Revelation 2:12–17 Repent of Nicolaitan Teaching

May 17 Revelation 2:18–29 King Jesus Versus Jezebel

May 24 Revelation 3:1–6 Wake Up!

May 31 Revelation 3:7–13 An Open Door No One Can Shut


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10 responses to “Two Months of Sundays at Kenwood Baptist Church

  1. Noah

    Congratulations on the new church! We are excited to have you and your family come to be with us at Kenwood and I am excited to hear your sermons on Revelaiton. Praise the Lord!

  2. tlangejr

    Praise the Lord! that is an answer to prayer. May God bless you and the people of Kenwood Baptist Church.

  3. Congratulations Dr. Hamilton and Kenwood Baptist Church!

  4. The sermon series on Revelation tweaked my interest. Are the sermons going to posted online anywhere? I checked the Kenwood webpage that you listed, but didn’t see a link for sermons.

  5. Craig,

    Thanks for your note. I hope the audio will be posted. We’ll try to pull it off.

    Please pray for us!



  6. It is good to see the will of the Lord work its way out in your coming to Kenwood. We have been without a preaching pastor for some time and it is great to see how God kept us lacking until His appointed time had come about and your coming to Louisville and settling in had all happened in divine timing. We as Kenwood give much praise for the gift He has given in giving us you as pastor.

  7. Thanks for your kind words!

  8. Linda

    very exciting news.

  9. I am an ex-student of Dr. Hamilton from my days at SWBTS. Dr. Hamilton is and will always be an excellent professor. I am happy to hear he is a bi-vac pastor.

    Pastor Raymond Gills

  10. Gramzee

    Always praying. Mom

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