Online Latin Course: Latinum

I have been wanting to learn Latin for a long time now, and I’ve made several runs at making my way through a Latin Grammar. I’ve recently been motivated anew to make yet another attempt, and a google search turned up what looks like a very helpful site.

Latinum has links to google book versions of an 1850’s Latin Grammar and its accompanying Key to the Exercises, and the Latinum site is full of recorded material for learning Latin. All it takes is $2 and enough discipline to pound through the material.



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  3. I think Latin is like Greek, you need a good teacher. I had Latin for one year in high school with a good teacher, but I was a very poor student.

  4. Tim Webb

    Dr. Hamilton,

    Another resource you may consider is joining a free online study group at There are various groups going at different speeds through different works, but there are always beginner’s groups as well.

    Peace, Tim

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