Justin Beadles Joins the Blogosphere

One of my favorite classmates from DTS days has joined the blogosphere. The folks at Grace Bible Church in Nacogdoches, Texas are blessed to have Justin Beadles as their pastor.

And we in the blogosphere are now blessed to be able to add his blog to our google readers.

Sometimes I wonder what this guy is thinking, and I’m sure you will too:

He is one interesting bird, and I anticipate that his posts will be refreshing and godly. Well, they’ll be different, anyway:

You just can’t make this stuff up. This is real life, and this is a real pastor:

The great thing about Justin is that he’s living proof that being a conservative, expository preaching, sheep loving pastor doesn’t have to mean that you’re boring, uncreative, unadventurous, or uptight.

You can check out his first few posts on his blog, which he has entitled “Brain Spasms.” Somehow that name doesn’t surprise me. His first is “Families Adrift,” followed by “Time Management,” and then “The Value of Illustrations.”

Videos above notwithstanding, these are posts worth considering.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Justin!



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4 responses to “Justin Beadles Joins the Blogosphere

  1. JB

    Thanks for the plug Jim. You are a daisy.

  2. nacognowhere

    Well…I think this just inspired me to go back to church! But please tell me….the Corinthians study is over, right? Right? It’s not, is it? Argh….


  3. Kelly

    Well, I thought you might be crazy but now I’m sure I was right. Jeff couldn’t even watch the last one!

  4. Wow…he is outrageous!

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