Time Management and a Cool Paper Airplane

Couple items for busy dads in ministry:

Happy plodding and flying for the glory of God!



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4 responses to “Time Management and a Cool Paper Airplane

  1. JB

    If your 4 year old can fold that thing, he needs to go straight to MIT.

  2. I guess I should have pointed out that I do the folding and then he does the flying!


  3. JB

    Good article from Doug Wilson. I struggled for years with the near impossibility of measuring how my time was used. Was I being as effective as possible? On the drive home I would always ask myself, “what did I accomplish today?” The answer often seemed to be, “nothing.” I sent a few emails, talked on the phone, tried to read, got interrupted, went to the hospital and then…

    I can assure use that the above method is a recipe for frustration. Instead, I now simply ask myself, “was I faithful?” Try it and see.

  4. JY

    Jim, am I crazy or did you have a long list of recommendations for men in ministry and how to be a better husband and dad (apart from the Doug Wilson piece)?


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