Bulletin for Biblical Research Articles Online

I am delighted to see that the Institute for Biblical Research has put back issues of the Bulletin for Biblical Research online for free. All the essays in BBR are peer reviewed, and they are all quality pieces of work. Among the articles published through 2005, the ones below are some of my favorites. Happy Reading!

JACOB NEUSNER, Mr. Sanders’s Pharisees and Mine Bulletin for Biblical Research 2 (1992) 143-169 [© 1992 Institute for Biblical Research]

E. EARLE ELLIS, Jesus’ Use of the Old Testament and the Genesis of New Testament Theology Bulletin for Biblical Research 3 (1993) 59-75 [© 1993 Institute for Biblical Research]

THOMAS R. SCHREINER, Did Paul Believe in Justification by Works? Another Look at Romans 2 Bulletin for Biblical Research 3 (1993) 131-158 [© 1993 Institute for Biblical Research]

D. A. CARSON Current Issues in Biblical Theology: A New Testament Perspective Bulletin for Biblical Research 5 (1995) 17-41 [© 1995 Institute for Biblical Research]

MARTIN HENGEL Tasks of New Testament Scholarship Bulletin for Biblical Research 6 (1996) 67-86 [© 1996 Institute for Biblical Research]

JOHN SAILHAMER Creation, Genesis 1-11, and the Canon Bulletin for Biblical Research 10.1 (2000) 89-106 [© 2000 Institute for Biblical Research]

JAY E. SMITH 1 Thessalonians 4:4: Breaking the Impasse Bulletin for Biblical Research 11.1 (2001) 65-105 [© 2001 Institute for Biblical Research]

V. PHILIPS LONG Renewing Conversations: Doing Scholarship in an Age of Skepticism, Accommodation, and Specialization Bulletin for Biblical Research 13.2 (2003) 227-249 [© 2003 Institute for Biblical Research]


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2 responses to “Bulletin for Biblical Research Articles Online

  1. lou379587

    This is good news and very helpful.

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