A Trophy of Grace Proclaims the Gospel

In the mercy and providence of God, my younger brother, David, became a Christian in March of this year. He has an insightful account of what happened in his brain as the Lord drew him, and there’s a lot of other good stuff on his blog, too.

By the way, note that I referred to him as my “younger” brother not my “little” brother. Since he grew to be almost 6 feet 7 inches tall, he’s bigger than I am! Thus explaining his blog address, http://bigham.wordpress.com, as well.

I Praise God for his mercy to our family!



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3 responses to “A Trophy of Grace Proclaims the Gospel

  1. Jim,
    Praise God, that is great news. I still pray earnestly for my younger brother to come to the Lord.
    The grace with you
    Mike Bird

  2. I am so glad for your brother. I know you have been praying for him. Glory be to our God for His precious mercy.

    In Christ, RAP

  3. Exciting news. Thanks for sharing. Please pray for my unbelieving dad and sister. Thanks,


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