A Beautiful Mind: Clint Armani’s New Blog

My brother in law has been a huge blessing to our family. The Lord smiled on the Hamilton clan when he brought Clint Armani to my sister Dayna. Clint is one of the most careful thinkers I know. He’s a Major in the Air Force with a Master of Science in Engineering from Purdue, and he’s now working on a Ph.D. in Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

More encouraging, however, than what C. J. Mahaney would refer to as his “stats,” are his love for the Lord and his desire to understand the Bible and theology. What a joy to know a carefully trained scientist who loves to talk theology! This guy knows more about the physical universe than I have begun to imagine might be there, and yet he remains humble, gentle, inquisitive, and teachable. What a work of God’s grace!

All that to say, my brother in law Clint, who is an officer and a gentleman, a scientist and a philosopher, a follower of Christ and a theologian, a great husband and father, has now started a blog named Lured by Infinity. You’ll want to check out the first post where he explains the name of the blog.


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