8 responses to “Q & A on Family Integrated Churches

  1. Matt

    Jim, thanks for putting this up… this whole issue of FIC has been on my mind a lot lately. It is very difficult to find the right place on the spectrum to fall.

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  3. Interesting interivew. I’ve just recently discovered the FIC church model, via Voddie Baucham. I love the way it challenges our cultural understanding of church, and encourages us to think biblically about these things.

    In other news, I’m sure you’ve been keeping up (to some degree at least) with the baptism/church membership discussion taking place in the blogosphere between Piper, Grudem, Dever, Duncan, Storms, and others. I came across this very interesting blog entry by a guy who has been refused membership at Bethlehem, and its implications in his life, and that of his family. It’s a valuable perspective to consider as we tread these theoretical baptismal waters. (Sorry for the pun.)


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  7. Jim:

    It is good to read your responses on the Family Integrated Church and I would agree there is a vast spectrum of churches that see themselves as Family Integrated. I am in the process of a church start that would probably, from your description, fall closer to the more “strict” end of things but even then there are differences.

    I had for some time contemplated what a church was called to be and then moved from there to what that would look like in a functioning church. This led me to the Family Integrated model (I really do not like the word model) and went and talked to the elders at Grace Family Baptist Church to see how things worked there. During that time and since I have written on how I see the Family Integrated Church functioning and this is being worked out in the church start I am part of.

    If anyone is interested here is a link that has various links to things I have written on this subject: The Church a Multigenerational Gathering.

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