4 responses to “The Baptists, vol. 1 of 3, by Tom Nettles

  1. Mike Thompson

    Thanks, Jim, for this review. I have enjoyed the first two volumes of this series, and I eagerly await volume three’s release in a couple of weeks. My dissertation was on John Spilsbury, the first English Particular Baptist pastor and the driving force behind the 1st London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1644–a true pioneer. I have appreciated all Dr. Nettles has done in this area. While he clearly relates theologically with the Particular Baptists over the General Baptists, he fairly reports the historical facts during this very challenging time for our English forefathers (volume 1) and how that transfers to Baptists in America (volume 2). I wish, as you so diplomatically said, that others in the SBC would read church history for its factual content and what it can teach us, instead of as an instrument of a misguided scheme to conceal the truth with intentional deceit.

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