Why Preach?

Here’s a great question that beatifully describes the Word given us to proclaim:

What if you were led to believe, as profoundly as you believe yourself to exist, that God has spoken . . . that within the covers of the Bible there on your table, incarnate in the syllables of our own language, throbs the living Word of God?

From Lester De Koster’s Light for the City: Calvin’s Preaching, Source of Life and Liberty, 11.


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4 responses to “Why Preach?

  1. Good quote. I almost bought this book the other day. Mark Driscoll recommended it at Piper’s conference. I passed thought because it was small and $20. Is it worth it?

  2. It’s very well written, but he says some crazy things. I found it somewhere for $10. I think it’s worth that if you can find it for that. Enjoy!


  3. Excellent question! May it convict us.

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