Inscribe Them on the Tablets of Their Hearts. . .

As we’ve read books to our little ones over the last couple years, we’ve become so familiar with some of these children’s books that we can practically recite them.

There’s a great little book by Susan Hunt called My ABC Bible Verses that will make the memorization of your children’s literature an edifying experience. The book has a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet accompanied by a story that will connect the truth of the verse to the life of the child. You might find these stories helping you be a better parent, too. May we heed the words of Deuteronomy 6 and talk about the word of God when we lie down and rise up, when we sit and when we walk by the way.



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2 responses to “Inscribe Them on the Tablets of Their Hearts. . .

  1. Thanks for the help. Kathy and I are starting to make a list of children’s books that we want. This one will be added.–Dirk

  2. lightcontrast

    Oh, you have a link about women in the ministry, thanks for putting it up. Have not read it all, but I think I will read it.

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