Thabiti Anyabwile: Trophy of God’s Grace

As soon as you get a chance, enjoy this beautiful profile of one of the elders at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.


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4 responses to “Thabiti Anyabwile: Trophy of God’s Grace

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  2. can you give the way to share gospel with a muslim.
    Thank you

      The inspirationI was born to Muslim parents in 1975. But God wanted me to be his child so as he talked to my parents. It was in a marvelous way. Mohammed Haneefa, my father was a Moulavi, a Muslim teacher, and also a mullah, a priest who leads worship in the Mosque. My mother Jameela was a devoted and praying lady. She had her studies in The Quran and in Arabic. They were devoted to their faith and practiced its teachings. But it happened that in the course of their life my father fell sick with a serious disease and none could tell what it was. He had severe pain in head and was in his death bed. We tried all kinds of healing methods, like medicine, black magic, offerings in famous Mosques, and many more but nothing worked out. It was then that we were visited by a pastor from the neighborhood who shared the love of Christ to Him. He took fasting and prayed for him with the whole church. It was a wonderful miracle in the land that he was completely healed. My mother was very stubborn in Islamic faith, but his miracle touched her too and she accepted the Lord.

      In 1975 there was a rainy day, the day my father and mother took the baptism to declare to the public that they accepted the Lord. And they headed to their parental home. There was the grand father waiting for them at the gate. He shouted “get out of this home if you have taken a bath to accept Christ, and if you have not, you can stay here”. My parents had no hesitation to say we accepted Christ Jesus as our Saviour. They were thrown out of the home. In the showers of rain my dad took the hands of my mother with me, (a six month baby) on his shoulders, he said to the public we are taking the cross of Christ. We had no place to stay that night but a shade of a tree. None accepted us and counted us as out casts. We prayed with tears that night for food, but no response. We starved for days walking miles looking for a place to stay. But none accepted us since we had no money to pay the rent for the house. Starvation, sun in the day, walking long miles, tree shade at night, nothing took away the love of Christ from us. Rather we grew in faith. We prayed for the villages as we were passing by. Our tears fell in many cities of The state. Jameela, my mother was weak so was my dad. And I had severe sickness.
      We had faith and faith alone. They kept their hand on me and prayed I was healed, when they felt hungry, kept the hand of belly and prayed, it was wonderfully filled. When they felt so weak that they cannot walk any more, kept the hands on legs and prayed, prayer renewed the strength like a phoenix and walked miles and miles for the Lord. We reached a Christian orphanage, where my mother could join for work to clean the garden and to pluck the weeds. She joined to work there, my father joined the Bible School with great zeal to win the Muslims for the Lord. We starved for days. I grew up. I was send to an orphanage for my studies. My father came back from studies and wished to do the ministry. We were chased out of the village were we were staying since Muslims found that we are sharing gospel with Muslims. So we went to another village but before we reach, the news that we are going there reached the Muslim fundamentalists. The committee decided to kill us. But our God was so faithful that he worked in the heart of one of the committee member and he came to us in advance telling us there is danger waiting for us in the village. It was not all, God had given a dish full of food for us in his hand. (Our God is one who fed Elijah in the wilderness through a crow. Amen). We went another way that night and settled in another village. It was un-countable miles that we walked for the Lord.
      Persecutions have become the way of life and a part and parcel of their life. Still the heavenly missionary zeal continues.

      The ministry at present is concentrated in India and we have wonderful ministries like personal evangelism, tract distribution , children’s ministry, Thus the ministry in India is so great and is growing in the Lord. Why cant you be a chanel of blessing for this ministry And thus take” GOSPEL OF LIVING GOD TO THE NATION OF INDIA”

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