3 responses to “Thomas Cranmer and Blue Like a Passing Purple Fad

  1. Most Baptists know more about Rocky Road than the Romans Road! Everybody lay off the donuts and hit the road…the Romans Road, that is.

  2. I have read Blue Like Jazz, and willc ontinue to promote it. I also use the BCP. I enjoy both.

    Have you read the book yourself? If so, why are you so hostile towards it? He’s of the same theological branch of the faith that you are (he’s reformed and a baptist) and he is NOT involved within Emergent, contrary to what many would have you to believe.

  3. Mike,

    I thought Blue Like Jazz was superficial and full of false dichotomies. Our culture needs the thick and rich Christian tradition, not a new spin. We need the eternal gospel of the risen Christ, not the flimsy trends peddled in this book.

    I think its popularity says more about our culture than it does about the quality of the thought in its pages.

    Hope this helps,


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